Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Service Memorial

We have just been advised that the Dedication of the National Service Memorial will be held at the AWM in Canberra on Tue and Wed 7/8 of September 2010. For full details see the official site click here . From this site you will be able to download an expression of interest form. You will need to act fast as only 1000 National Serviceman will be invited to Parliament House for the official reception. Details are on the site.

There will be a parade and dedication ceremony on Wed the 8th. involving the Governor General.

If Two Transport members wish you may use this site to orginise the memorial. If you intend to go email us on and we post details on the site and/or send out information through our email address group. If there is enough interest we will orginise some kind of reunion.

Sorry ARA people, you are not invited, however if you wish to we can organise something for you in Canberra, our own little "Reg" reunion.

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