Thursday, August 25, 2011

RIP Tony Smallbon

G'day Mates

It is with great sadness I must advise you of the passing of Rev. Tony Smallbon. Tony passed away peacefully at 0120 this morning after a long battle with cancer, today was his birthday. Tony was with the Platoon from 10 May 67 to 9 Apr 68. I know Tony was doing his best to make the reunion however it seems that Jesus Christ has work for him to do in another place. Our thoughts are with Tony's family during this time.

I will let you all know of the funeral arrangements as soon as they come to hand.

Lest we forget.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Standown Park Visit

A few of us who made the trip north to Standown Park had a great time, will worth the trip north. We enjoyed the company of about 100 other Vets from all walks of live and unites. We had the only Banner there and we marched behind it with pride. We are hoping the make the trip again next year and with a bit of luck a few more of us can make it.
On the light side, just take a look at the photo on the left. If that's not "Shorty Edwards" reborn will I'm not here. That's just how he looked in the photo taken at the Wagga Wagga reunion. The poor bugger did'nt know what all the fuss was about.
Not long until the reunion now, all is just about in place and we are looking forward to seeing you all ther.
On a sader note, Tony Smallborn is not very well at all, and is unlikly to make the reunion. He is in palliatave care at the moment and is very sick. Spare a thought for him and his family over the next few days.
Until the next time please stay safe

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New list of who is coming

Please find following a list of who is coming to the reunion.

BAKER Greg & Judi
BATH Leigh & Joan
BLANCHE Al & Sharan
BOND Daryl
BOYLE Robert & Sue
BREEN Frank & Lorraine
BUTLER Ken & Kay
BYRNE Terry & Meryl

CAMPBELL Ian & Debbie
CHONKA Russell & Julie Harrison
CLEMENTS Paul & Marlene
COLLARD Neil & Giulia
COOPER Garry & Diane
CORBOY Dennis & Coralie
CORBY Bob & Libby
CORNWILL Graeme & Joyce
GRAWFORD Colin & Kathleen
CRAWFORD Grant & Margaret
CRONIN Neville
CROWE Leslie & Moria (Trevor-Hunt )

DAVIES Ron & Beverly
DAVIS Ken & Jeanette
DAVIS Robert & Netta
DAYAS Anthony & Margaret
DELANEY Joseph & Sue
DINTE Russell & Carole
DUFFY Anthony
DUFFY Barry & Lianne

EASTWOOD Tim & Julie
EDWARDS Robert & Cathy
EGAN Robert & Gloria
EXON Stanley & Lois

FALCONER Douglas & Aloma
FOWLES Win & Sandy
FRASER Colin & Lyn Whitworth

GILLIE Graham & Helen
GREGG Ken & Helen

HANCOCK Ronald & Marion
HARTMANN Robert & Jeanette
HILL Alan & Leonie
HOCKING Keith & Marilyn
HOFERT William
HOOPER Garry & Jan
HORE Des & Margaret
HUGHES Malcolm
HUNTER George & Lyn
HYLAND Barry & Sandra

INGLIS Alan & Eleanor
IVORY Wayne & Julie

JAMES Raymond & Lorraine

KEANE Owen & Kathy
KEIRNAN John & Beverly
KERR Gary & Mary
KIRBY Philip & Liz
KIRSHAW Robert & Kay
KNUCKEY Colin & Kerrie
KUGLER Dennis & Barbara

LAVERY Joe & Gay
LESINSKI Richard & Robyn

MADER Lyndon & Anne
MALTBY Hugh & Sandy
McNEIL Derek & Margaret
McMAHON Colin & Shirley
McMONAGLE Frank & Jo
MOHR Anthony & Angela
MOSLEY Michael & Noeleen
MUNRO Maurice & Marion
MURPHY Kevin & Beverly

ONGLEY John & Clara

PAGE David & Judy
PEARSON Jim & Jennifer
PETERSON Robert & Kay
ROSS Ian & Jenny
RUSSELL Ronald & Kaye

SANDERSON Trevor & Pat Crowe
SAWYER Keith & Val
SCHULTZ Adrian & Cath
SCOTT Graeme & Sandra
SHARP Paul & Lorraine
SHAW Bruce & Judi
SHAW Robert & Sherry
SMALLBON Anthony & Merilyn
SMEDLEY Colin & Cheryl
SMITH Raymond & Hazel
SPRY Richard & Grace

TAYLOR Ian & Margaret
THOMAS Eddie & Alison
TYLER Robert & Christine

UNDERWOOD Colin & Marjorie

WACHMER Ronald & Ellen
WALKER John & Sue
WATKINS Taffy & Paulette
WILLIAMSON Trevor & Beth

YOUNG Robin & Anna

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sgt Brett Wood

Another fine young man killed in our defence. Sgt Brett Wood. Rest in Peace mate, a great loss to our Army and our Country
Lest we Forget

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ANZAC Day in the West

(click on photo for larger image)

Peter Baulch and Graeme Cornwill from the west. Someone must have told them the beer had just run out. Don't worry men there will be plenty and the reunion.

ANZAC Day in Brisbane

(Click on photo for larger image)

A great day was had in Brisbane by a few of Two Transport Platoon members. As seen in the photo, Taffy Watkins(holding Banner) Tony Mohr, Vince Robinson, Andrew Skvar (Tony's Grandson) Niel Collard and Adrian Schultz.

If you have photos from ANZAC Day you want posted on the blog please send them in.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carlton Brewery out, Mt. Tambourine in

G'day all,

It has become evident from the returns that the ladies were not happy with the Carlton Brewery trip. With the few people who indicated they wished to make the trip, it was not cost effective to go ahead.

Not to worry. We have come up with a idea we hope will satisfy both the ladies and our members. We are planning a trip to the "Witches Chase" up at Mt. Tambourine. The " Witches Chase" complex comprises of :

Witches Chase Cheese Co.

Mt. Tambourine Brewery

Liquid Amber Bistro and Grill.

They have agreed to put on a special menu for us. The whole day will only cost $35.00 a head. That is a $15.00 saving from the carlton Brewery Trip. There will be plenty of time for the ladies to visit all the other shops in the Mt. Tambourine shopping area. For the people who were with us on the Adelaide reunion, it is much like Hahndorf with all the great shopping for the ladies and plenty of places for the boys to cool their heels. Please take the time to visit the web site and see for your self:

In the next week or so a letter will be going out to All members to officially inform you of the change in program and the admin details for refunds and how to pay for this trip.

Please do not send any money in answer to this email, wait for the official letter.

We hope this meets with your approval.

Reunion Committee.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apology from Col Walters "Walrus"

Hi Tony,
I am sad to inform you all that circumstances will not allow me and my wife to attend the upcoming reunion. A large family reunion has clashed with that date.

Again I do appoligize and hopfully will be able to attend the next one and catch up to all of you. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Kind regards
Col Walter

Sorry to hear you are unable to attend "Walrus" but I think we all agree that family always comes first.

We will keep you informed on the next reunion.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Motel for the reunion


I noticed on the blog, the letter from the Blue Pelican Motel on the prices of their rooms.

I have been in touch with the owner of the South Tweed Motor In where I am staying and he will do a special deal for us.

It is $85 a night for a double room and if we fill his Motor In then he will drop the price.

Compared to the Blue Pelican that is $3 a night cheaper than their cheapest room and the Motor In is just across the road instead of 2 Klms away, this will allow you to drink and not have to drive home.

The address of the South Tweed Motor In is:
9 - 11 Minjungbal Drive
Tweed Heads South
NSW 2486

Phone No; 07 5524 3111

The owners name is Ross Edwards

If you are going to book then mention that you are going to the 2 Tpt Reunion


Vince Robinson

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New mail out

A new mail out was posted on Monday, you will get them shortly. Please remember they will need to be returned by the 21 March 2011 with payment.

Remember the first Tuesday of the reunion is Melbourne Cup day, so please make sure you have you accommodation booked. There is still room in the Caravan Park but don't leave it for to much longer.

Belt Buckle

This is the Belt Buckle on sale at the reunion. They look even better in real life.
To see the spare wheel cover you will neen to scroll back to a post on the 15 June last year. Click on older posts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Close

Not long to go now and time goes so fast. Just a reminder that the Melbourne Cup will be on during our reunion and space may be tight at the Park, so book now.

We received a the following in regards to accommodation;

Hello Terry
hope you and your family had a great Christmas & New Year.
This year has just begun but has been very busy I thought that I would give you a quick email about the 2nd Transport Platoon reunion it will be here before we know it & we are getting many group bookings now for all over this year.
I have a discount cost if you have enough people to take our 20 rooms for arrival on Mon 31/10/11 to depart on Sat 5/11/11 these are :

4 Family 2 bedroom units sleeps up to 4 people (1Queen Bed & 2 single beds) = $725 for the whole 5 nights
there are 2 upstairs & 2 downstairs
5 Twin rooms sleeps 2-3 people (1Queen Bed & 1 single bed in the same room) = $525 for the whole 5 nights
there are 3 upstairs & 1 downstairs
11 Queen rooms sleeps 1-2 people (1 Queen bed) = $440 for the whole 5 nights
there 6 upstairs & 5 downstairs
if you have any questions please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me at the moment we have 1 of your platoon booked in & if you fill the rest of our rooms we will extend the same discount to them as well, looking forward to hearing from you soon stay safe
regards Deb

Blue Pelican Motel
115 Wharf St Tweed Heads
Ph 07 55361777
fax 07 55991987

This may assist if you have not made any bookings as yet.

A further newsletter will be sent shortly. I will post it on the blog as soon as I have it.