Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New address for reunion committee

As from today the reunion committee has a new address, it's as follows:

Two Transport Reunion Committee
PO Box 3869
Caloundra DC Qld 4551

It is important that you put the DC after Caloundra.

Draft Programme

Day 1 Mon 31 Oct. 2011
1300-1700 Registration-Meet and greet Hospitality tent

1800 BBQ Meal Hospitality tent

Day 2
0730 Breakfast Hospitality tent

0830 Official Photo

Tweed River Rainforest Cruise

Casual sit down Meal Hospitality tent

Day 3
Tour Day More info to follow, all suggestions are welcome
Casual Buffet meal Hospitality tent

Day 4
Free Day Make your own arrangements

Memorial Service Nominated RSL

Formal Dinner Nominated RSL

Day 5
Farewell Breakfast Tweed Heads Sports Club
Closing Ceremony "

More detailed information will be published as soon as it comes to hand. The committee will subsidise cost where it can.

Your input and suggestions are welcome. Terry Byrne will be sending out a letter soon to all members on our nominal roll.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One from 1992

(click on photo to see it in full size)
Here's a good one, taken in 1992 at the opening of the Vietnam War Memorial, from L to R
Trevor McKenna, "Zac" Eric Ciraconitch, Tim Eastwood, Russel Dinte, Tony Mohr, Rip Kirby, Neil Collard and Adrian Schultz.

We all had a great day playing with the old Mk 5. Great memories.

Great thanks to Adrian for the photo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unit sign

Here's one for the 69 boys. The unit sign went up some time in 1969 and it was at the Harvey Bay reunion but I have not seen it since. It must be still around some place. If you have it can we use it at our next reunion, the committee will find a place for it. I believe the notice board, which can be seen in the photo was moved back inside as the VC got to know more about the vehicle movements then the Task Force.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reunion committee meeting

Just a reminder the next meeting of the reunion committee will be held on the 25 Jan 2010, if you have anything you wish to be presented at the meeting please email it to :
and it will be discussed.

Thank you

Update on Tunza

Thanks to Joe Lavery I am able to post this update:

Cpl Dave McCallum & Cftm Ian (Bluey) Rowe went to Coral with a convoy & stopped to assist with an APC engine change, finishing too late to go to Long Binh. Tunza Guts was damaged during the attack that night. The damage included both front tyres flat radiator holed, both headlights and windscreen broken, drivers window broken (it was down in the door), brake lines, batteries & other items out of action.
The sump was also damaged & was repaired with a wooden plug held in place with araldite & a shirt tail. This repair apparently lasted for 6 months. A 9mm case was braised onto the ruptured air line. Front hydraulic lines were blanked off. The outer right dual whell was used on the front.
Tunza Guts was in country until 14 Sept 1971

From "Mud and Dust"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the Headland

(Click on the photo to see it in full size)
Here's a site most of us who spent our time in Vung Tau would remember, the ship that missed the entrance to Vung Tau harbour and ended up on the rocks just past the "Back Beach Bars". As that area was off limits I guess none of us would have ventured down there, makes one ask how the photo was taken, must have got it from a local. I don't think it would still be there now, who knows and I guess who cares. It's just a memory.

Till next time

Stay safe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday morning run

Here's a photo that may bring back some memories, the ice run on Sunday morning up to the Dat. If my memory serves me right bread milk and ice was about the only commodity sent up on a Sunday, our day of rest, or should I say our day down the Badcoe Club.

The trucks were not suited much as a ice carrier as a lot of it would melt on the way, but the ice was a welcome site for the boys up the sharp end, even though most of it went to the Officers Mess.

Till later

Stay safe.