Monday, January 21, 2013

Kings Beach


Just an average day on Kings Beach

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Where in Gods name is this rogue? The last time I saw him was the opening of the Vietnam Memorial in Canberra and the Leagues Club. He was in charge of ground maintenance at the School of Transport Puckapunyal. The place to be was the maintenance hut on a hot day.
Is he still with us?


Just a taste you have to look forward to
It will by Great.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Australian Military Vehicle Museum

    About the museum

    Welcome to our Museum, which is operated on a volunteer basis by members of the Military Vehicle Preservation Society of South Australia. The Society is one of many Military Vehicle Clubs across Australia and throughout the world and its members are dedicated to the preservation of vehicles that are of military origin. The museum was developed as away of providing undercover storage for the vehicles and at the same time allowing the public to view them.
    Opened in August 1993 with the principal support of Messenger Press and Port Adelaide Council this museum is unique number of ways. The majority of the vehicles are privately owned by the Society members and therefore each member is responsible for their own vehicles. In addition the vehicles are not just restored to look at, they are rebuilt to authentic running condition and most are road registered and driven regularly. Military vehicles and items range from the First World War to current times.
    Should you require further information about the Museum or the Society one of our members in attendance would be pleased to assist. You are also invited to loan or donate items to the Museum for display purposes. Alternatively you can contact us or email us. Take a virtual tour through our Museum now.
    Museum Entry Fees
    Adult $8.00
    Child $4.00 (5 to 14 yrs)
    Concession $6.00
    Family $20.00 (2 Adults and 3 children)
    Every Sunday from 10am-4.00pm.
    Open most public holidays 10am – 4pm

    See the link on the side of the blog or click   HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 9 March 2013 the place to be is Seymour in Victoria. The opening of stage 2 of the Vietnam Memorial Walk.. Below is the web site for further information

A few of us are heading down but be warned the only accommodation available
is the caravan park and that will soon go.

Stage 2 Opening Brochure

G'day all,

Following is the text of a email that went out on the 16 Jan 13:

G’day all,
I We am sorry for the test emails you are receiving I am in the process of fixing my email group listings. Take it from me, never change you computer system without having a backup copy of your address book, enough about that.
All going well within a week or two I will be able to give you concrete info on the next reunion . What I can tell you is:
  • The reunion will be in Caloundra
  • Accommodation will be the Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park ( The old Hibiscus caravan park). Please don’t ring as yet as final arrangements and dates have not been made. However, following is their web site so you can have a bit of a look.
  • Dates, some time between school holidays and Easter 2014.
  • Reunion dinner at the moment will be at the Caloundra Power Boat Club, if they are not booked out. There are plenty of venues that will take us on. More to follow.
  • The dinner is the only official event we will organising, the feedback from the last reunion is telling us we over-organised the event. There are plenty of things to do and places to go on the Sunshine Coast it would be impossible to please all so we will be leaving it up to you. This web site will give you all the information you need about the Sunshine Coast. We will have people from some of the venues at the registration so you can have a bit of a chat with them.
  • Memorabilia will be kept to a minimum (also from feedback) stubby holder and cap, maybe.
I will try and get the blog site up and running, I am having some trouble with it. I will inform you when it is going. Please pass this info on to anyone you know who is not on the internet.
Feel free to contact us through email any time with any ideas you may have.
We hope you are all well
Reunion Committee