Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christmas 1968

Memory from then
This weeks memory from then is Christmas morning 1968. Some of the boys can be seen sitting on the sandbags knocking a few back, getting ready to be served lunch by the Officers of the unit.I can only put a name to one (Butch). Can you name the rest in this photo.

Stay safe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This weeks memory from then

Chop chop number one

Who said they were backward, they invented meals on wheels. I can still smell it now, in it came every day for resupply. If they were able to pickup some old fruit that was a bonus. The driver was the fattest nog I had ever seen. No health and safety laws then, but you would think they would at least have painted the back of the truck "white". Note the kangaroo on the door, we must have claimed him back then, then again, as I remember, if it stopped for anymore then a minute it was tagged with a roo.

Stay safe.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Reunion committee meeting held

(From L to R: Tony Mohr, Russ Dinte, Carole Dinte, Neil Collard,Vince Robinson and Terry Byrne)

The first meeting of the reunion committee was held today (19 Oct 09). The main discussion was on the general direction the reunion is to take. A review of past reunions was carried out to try and pick the best of what has gone before.

The following responsibilities were distributed:
Chairman Terry Byrne
Treasurer Bob Hartman assistant Vince Robinson
Secretary Tony Mohr
Merchandise Russell and Coral Dinte
Events Paul Clements ( to be confirmed)
Nominal roll Neal Collard

The reunion is to be held during Oct/Nov of 2011 and is to be run through the week Monday to Friday. Firm dates to follow when they come to hand.

Terry is going to write to all members to make initial contact and to ask for any suggestions that could contribute to a successful reunion.

Suggestions can also be made through this blog.

It is the intension of the committee to update this blog as information comes to hand, so please check it out on a regular basis.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Organising Committee

Terry Byrne 07 5534 4984

Tony Mohr 54382402 0407546311

RUs Dinte

Neil Collard 07 3847 1988

Vince Robinson 07 3800 5736

Bob Hartman 073889 4595

Please contact any of the above members if you have any concerns regarding the next reunion

Plaque Dedication & Reunion AWM Canberra 2010

Plaque Dedication & Reunion AWM Canberra 2010

The Supply Platoons Association, on behalf of all RAASC Vietnam Vets, has been working to lay a RAASC plaque at the Australian War Memorial. The Commemorative Plaque Laying and Commemoration weekend will run 25-28 Mar 2010 and you are all invited to this one and only commemoration.

This is going to be the reunion of all reunions, with around 3,500 RAASCpersonnel who served in SVN. In all probability you will run into a digger you did corps training with,and haven't seen for over 40 years.

To get on board, let us have your contact details asap which can be sent to PO Box 214 Calwell ACT 2905 or emailed to and we will keep you informed as planning develops.

Posted by Hector on behalf of RAASC Vietnam Supply Platoons Association

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First meeting of new organizing committee

You all may be interested in knowing the new organizing committee will be holding it's first meeting next week, results of the meeting will be posted, plus anything of interest. Keep a look out.

Vince Robinson back with us

It great to hear Vince Robinson has surfaced again, good to see you back mate. Vince has agreed to help us in organizing our next reunion. Vince has not had the best of luck lately, so we hope a change is just around the corner. Just to refresh any bad memories I found a photo of Vince back then.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This weeks memory from then

I think it was a Sunday morning and the sandbags were looking a bit worn and faded, so we all set out to replaced them. We had to have them finished by mid-day, we all know why. As Russell said he worked the hardest we made him king of the sandbag kids. To this day he still holds the title and here is the photo to prove it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vale Dennis Hull

We acknowledge the passing of Dennis Hull recently in Queensland. A couple of emails have come with this news in memory of Dennis. Dennis is listed as serving with 2 platoon in 1967. I believe that John Walker caught up with him before he died.

They grow not old . . . .