Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update on Tunza

Thanks to Joe Lavery I am able to post this update:

Cpl Dave McCallum & Cftm Ian (Bluey) Rowe went to Coral with a convoy & stopped to assist with an APC engine change, finishing too late to go to Long Binh. Tunza Guts was damaged during the attack that night. The damage included both front tyres flat radiator holed, both headlights and windscreen broken, drivers window broken (it was down in the door), brake lines, batteries & other items out of action.
The sump was also damaged & was repaired with a wooden plug held in place with araldite & a shirt tail. This repair apparently lasted for 6 months. A 9mm case was braised onto the ruptured air line. Front hydraulic lines were blanked off. The outer right dual whell was used on the front.
Tunza Guts was in country until 14 Sept 1971

From "Mud and Dust"

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