Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday morning run

Here's a photo that may bring back some memories, the ice run on Sunday morning up to the Dat. If my memory serves me right bread milk and ice was about the only commodity sent up on a Sunday, our day of rest, or should I say our day down the Badcoe Club.

The trucks were not suited much as a ice carrier as a lot of it would melt on the way, but the ice was a welcome site for the boys up the sharp end, even though most of it went to the Officers Mess.

Till later

Stay safe.


Unknown said...

Pte Alan Walker and I regularly ran ice up to Nui Dat, and spent some time dropping it off to various units. It was always covered with a tarp. The blocks weighed around a hundredweight (50 kilos) and were very slippery. I don't recall ever dropping it off to any officers mess, but that may have been a Sunday only operation.
Terry Marriott Pte

2 Transport Platoon RAASC said...

Terry, you may be right, just a throw away line by me. But I am glad it brought back memories