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Caloundra Reunion 2014

First official notice for Caloundra reunion 2014

Reunion Caloundra
G’day all,
At a meeting held this week we finalised some of the major points for the 2014 reunion. Most of the decisions were made using feedback from the questionnaire sent out by Terry late last year. We know not all will be happy with what we have come up with but we have done our best given the information provided.
The dates for the reunion are as follows:
10 February 2014 To 15 February 2014.
The dates were arrived at due to:
·         The best weather conditions through the year
·         The finish of the school holidays and
·         The best tariffs available.
We recommend one of two parks:
The Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park or Golden Beach Holiday Park.
The Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park.
·         The park has a variety of caravan sites
·         One, two or three bedroom cabins. Some cabins sleep up to eight people
·         It is walking distance from the CBD of Caloundra and the RSL
·         Serviced by free courtesy buses from the RSL, Power Boat Club, Caloundra Bowls Club and Kings Beach Surf Club.
  For further detailed information see the above web site. This was formerly the Hibiscus Holiday Park.
When making a booking please state the length of your van.
Golden Beach Holiday Park
·         The park has a variety of caravan sites
·         Five Cabins
·         Several motel style units
·         Walking distance from Power Boat Club and Golden Beach shopping centre
·          Serviced by free courtesy buses from the RSL, Power Boat Club, Caloundra Bowls Club and Kings Beach Surf Club
·         Pet friendly (but has pet rules)

For further detailed information see the above web site.

Resort and Holiday Units
It would be impossible to list or recommend this style of accommodation here, as there are so many and at all price ranges. We have listed below two guides which will assist.

We have also placed below a link to all the information centres on the Sunshine Coast.
Attached is a registration form we would like you to fill out and return and soon as you can. A small commitment fee of $5 per family is required not per person. The form will assist us in planning, so a quick return will help.
Memorabilia will be limited to a Cap and Stubby Holder as stated in our previous email. As soon as we have the design and price sorted out we will send out a return form for the purchase of the items.

It has been stated by members that we tend to Over-Organise things and that members never had time to spend in their smaller groups (hut group, year of service). So this reunion we will be trying a self-pacing week of events. In other words you organise your own day. The Power Boat Club will allow us to have a “Happy Hour” (or two or three) at the completion of each day. (This will be a free can and wine bar, depending on the how much we drink determines the length of time the bar stays open) In this way we will be able to meet in fellowship and discuss or recommend outings for others. We will have staff members from other clubs, pubs, taverns and tourist attractions at our registration day to assist you to plan your week.
Reunion Dinner 
The reunion Dinner is to be held at the Power Boat Club. We will send out a separate notification on the dinner with cost and menu. However, depending on how much we spend on the happy hours and how we go with the raffles, we will try to put as much over the bar as we can. That is our commitment to you.
Once again we will be running raffles to help subsidise the reunion. To that end, if you have any prizes we can use please contact:
·         Cathy Schultz  07 5494 7800
·         Angela Mohr  07 5438 2402
If you wish to discuss anything with us you may contact any of the following:
Tony Mohr                          0754382402
Adrian Schultz                   0754947800
Neil Collard                         0738471988
Terry Byrne                        0755344984

We know this reunion is a little different from our previous formats but please stay positive and see how it goes.  We can always revert to the former if required.

Tony Mohr (Mohrie)
For reunion Committee

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