Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carlton Brewery out, Mt. Tambourine in

G'day all,

It has become evident from the returns that the ladies were not happy with the Carlton Brewery trip. With the few people who indicated they wished to make the trip, it was not cost effective to go ahead.

Not to worry. We have come up with a idea we hope will satisfy both the ladies and our members. We are planning a trip to the "Witches Chase" up at Mt. Tambourine. The " Witches Chase" complex comprises of :

Witches Chase Cheese Co.

Mt. Tambourine Brewery

Liquid Amber Bistro and Grill.

They have agreed to put on a special menu for us. The whole day will only cost $35.00 a head. That is a $15.00 saving from the carlton Brewery Trip. There will be plenty of time for the ladies to visit all the other shops in the Mt. Tambourine shopping area. For the people who were with us on the Adelaide reunion, it is much like Hahndorf with all the great shopping for the ladies and plenty of places for the boys to cool their heels. Please take the time to visit the web site and see for your self:

In the next week or so a letter will be going out to All members to officially inform you of the change in program and the admin details for refunds and how to pay for this trip.

Please do not send any money in answer to this email, wait for the official letter.

We hope this meets with your approval.

Reunion Committee.

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