Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two new issues

G'day all,

I hope you are all well.

We may have an opportunity to have a short story published on Two Transport Platoon and the use of our "33" Tac sign and the history of both. However this may cost us, the amount we are not sure of the amount. Would any of you be interested in obtaining one if it was published.

Another matter being discussed is the formation of a "Two Transport Platoon Association". With an Association in place it would make applying for grants, banking, and purchasing goods a lot cheaper. We would have all our information in one place and we would not have to reinvent the wheel with each reunion. Other organisations have them in place and it works well. A vote will be required at our next reunion but at the moment all we need is an idea of how you feel about it. We will do the homework and report back if we have enough interest.

If you could take the time and give us a bit of feed back on these two issues it would be great.

Kind regards

Reunion Committee.

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