Thursday, August 5, 2010

Senator Lundy to speak on indexation reform in Canberra on 16 August

I hope Senator Kate Lundy (Labor, ACT) attracts a good attendance at her meeting in Canberra on 16 August ( ).

It still seems to me that she is genuinely trying to do the right thing by military superannuation pensioners (yes, I know the election is not far away and that she has a particular political barrow to push. That's democracy. There are genuine people on both sides of the political divide.)

But it also seems to me that, unfortunately, Labor has nothing to offer on the major issue of indexation reform for military super pensions and that Sen Lundy has little prospect of changing her party's mind. I'd like to be wrong.

I imagine that Sen Lundy would welcome comments that you or others may want to post at her site (see link above) particularly if you do not live in Canberra and/or cannot attend her meeting. I do trust that any comments from others who may eventually read this email will be rational and will not stoop to the abuse that a small minority of unrepresentative people insist on generating, to the detriment of all of the Defence Family.

The election campaign still has more than a fortnight to run. It would be great if all parties agreed to protect military super pension purchasing power and also agreed to fix the other Defence Family issues in a bipartisan manner.


Win Fowles

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