Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spare Wheel Cover

The following is a report on the Wheel Cover from Terry Byrne. Feed back please.

1.Wheel Cover...members own choice they generally cost somewhere between $30-$55,this gets over the problem of what size is required.

2.2 Tpt Pl Tac Sign:This is what the guy will make up and charge us $35,I have tentatively told him we would probably be looking for about 100,I have sought some other quotes and they are almost double,the idea is we purchase the logos and members get their own wheel cover and stick them on themselves.

3.SVN Ribbons: These I put on as an afterthought to dress it up a bit more,came out of my stock,I believe they are readily available but do not know the cost
The whole cost to me came out at $78..saw a "Tunnel Rat" guy in the Toowoomba caravan park with his wheel cover and he told me it cost almost $180 at one of their reunions,I guess if we can get it for about 1/2 price we are doing well..what do you think?

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Graeme and Joyce said...

They look good to me, if you go ahead I will have one, let me know the end cost, thanks Grae