Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Change over day

(Graham Cornwell, Sgt Ron Brock and Sgt Terry Berriman)

This was the day they changed the MPC to a new script. By all accounts the best kept secret in Vietnam. Most, if not all the Noggs in town were caught with a heaps. I can remember finding some of the old MPC in my shorts pockets for days after. If you did not keep an eye on the change you were given you would end up with a heap of the old stuff when you were in town.

I know Ron Brock has passed away, however has anyone meet Terry Berriman since then, he has gone to ground. If anyone knows where he is please let us know so we can contact him.

Back to the MPC issue has anyone any left? If so bring it to the next reunion and we can all spend up big.

Till next time

stay safe

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